Our Apple logic board repairs are so good that we have even had parts sent to us from Apple Customer Service for repair. We are hands down head and shoulders above our competition when it comes to Apple logic board repairs. We have been working on laptops at a component level since 2004. Our staff is trained, skilled, and trusted to complete most any task you need when getting your Apple logic board repaired. Our staff has full access to all Apple schematics to aid in our repairs. Our electronic technicians have real world experience in the avionics, automotive, and electronics industries, and we employ a mixed staff including military veteran and minority staff.

How our Apple logic board repair service is better.

Does your Apple logic board repair involve your laptop having a blank screen, no wireless, no webcam, sound stopped working, spinning wheel, a circle with a line, or is the DVD or SATA hard drive not being recognized anymore?

Does this question sound like a question you have today? If it does we can help you repair your laptop from reflowing to reballing to component level repairs based on your issue. We perform Apple logic board repair services as a specialty. Most of our Apple logic board repair services are between $75 to $125.

Why use our company to repair your Apple logic board?

    1. We have a proven track record of repairs.When you need help with your Apple logic board repair who better to ask than someone who has our knowledge and experience? Our shop has over 40 years of electronics repair experience between our technicians repairing SMD, SMT, Through-Hole, Package-Level issues on systems and we have years of experience on the Apple logic board repairs for both the AMD and Intel models.
    2. We are ready to answer any questions you may have to ask.Let’s face it – you want to talk to someone when you have a question! Our office has a regular storefront for walk in service, email service through our website and ticket system, and a live 24 hour 7 day a week phone system to talk to a live technician concerning your Apple logic board repair.
    3. We have a traceable record system online.As a customer do you really want to call everyday to get a progress report on your laptop? With our online ticket system you can track your repair from start to finish while being updated daily on its progress by email and text-to-phone about your Apple logic board repair.
    4. We have a proven 100 percent positive feedback with our online sales. Why not join customers like you and trust their opinion and buy from us? We have 100 percent positive feedback from all our online sales so you can buy from us with the confidence of service, respect, and pricing unmatched anywhere else online to do your Apple logic board repair.

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What do the customers say about our Apple logic board repairs?

One of our clients sent us an email well after 30 days saying that we had fixed their Apple logic board. The client said this about their Apple logic board repair service:

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